Enchante Home Bath Towel Review

I am excited to write my first review on Enchante Home!  A sales Representative reached out to me to review a couple of weeks ago and I have been putting the towels to the test since I received them! The towels that I selected were the Vague Turkish Collection.  I selected this style to review due to their fluffy look, beautiful dark gray color (Anthracite) and unique ribbing.

Vague Turkish Towels

Vague Turkish Towels


Immediately, after photos, of course,  I threw them into the washer to see how they held up.  Following their washing directions which is normal, no special directions, just machine wash warm, tumble dry low and not to mix colors. I was delighted to find that they came out fluffy and with no loose strings.

Next up drying power… I love them!  The texture feels soft and silky on your skin.  I must admit at first I thought that they were not absorbing the water they were so soft on the skin, but I was completely wrong.  They worked beautifully and were even used to tie up my hair, no drips just absorption.  What I have also found is that hanging them up to dry, you can easily get two uses out of your towel before needing to wash again.

Making sure I was not being biased I had my husband and my daughter try the towels out over the next week and both give them rave reviews as soft and absorbent.

Next up is the Beach towel, I chose the Miami Pestemal Cotton Turkish Beach Towel in coral.


What caught my eye with this beach towel was how thin and unique it is.  I thought this would be great for rolling up in your beach/pool bag. After testing poolside I was pleased with how well it absorbed and how quickly it dried!  Definitely a great addition to your summertime fun!

My daughter loving on the beach towel!

Overall the I am very pleased with Enchante Homes Beach and Bath towels!  I am excited to share the company with others so you can sit back and enjoy the little pleasures life has to offer you even if a quick shower is the only me time you have time for in your busy life.


*I received the items mentioned above in exchange for my review. All comments and opinions are my own though.*

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