Family Room Comfort Design

Family Room Transformation

When I first met my client at her home for our initial consultation I could immediately tell that her home, although beautiful, did not show my clients personal style. My client mentioned her love of more contemporary artwork and brighter colors, completely opposite of the blank canvas in front of me.  My client led me into her family room which she described as the place where her and her husband spent most of their time watching tv, and where everyone congregated on holidays. She was dissatisfied with its outdated style and how dark the room always appeared due to the dark paneled walls. Before Family Room Image

*Design concerns: Too many focal points, furniture layout,dated fireplace Before Family Room Side View

*Design concerns: Overall darkness of room, lack of client’s personal style and dated wet bar area.

Fixing the Design Concerns in this Family Room Design:

Spatial Arrangement Solutions:

This room was lacking a conversational area as well as had too many focal points due to the fireplace and the Television. To fix these issues we mounted the television above the fireplace and configured the furniture in a way that highlighted the fireplace and allowed guests to settle in face to face with each other to evoke conversation.

Darkness of room:

After talking with the client we decided on a color palette of cool blues to compliment the existing espresso colored furniture.  We also decided to have the fireplace re-tiled in a light colored 1″ mosaic tile from Lowes to really brighten the dark family room.  Since the clients did not want to paint the paneling  we decided to brightened the room by removing the doors on the wet bar area and we added mirrors on the paneling to reflect light. After Family Room Photo After Family Room Right View After Family Room Re-tiled Fireplace

What a difference design can make! With a few changes this dark and outdated room now fits our client’s personality perfectly. Not only are her and her husband thrilled with the transformation, but it has become the main room for all of there gatherings!!!

What is your favorite part of the Family Room Comfort Design?

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