Home Library Makeover

There is something so inviting to a room filled with books.  I have often wondered why these rooms are always the most appealing to me, is it because our parents/grandparents read to us, or is it simply because with books are dreams are not  limited?  It is crazy to think that although technology has come up with many more convenient and space saving alternatives to in home libraries, a lot of us would still prefer to be surrounded by our classic hardbacks and paperback books that have either been passed down, or purchased by us or for us from others.

The Space:

Last night I went to work on a clients in home library.  The client’s room is just off of the front door and adjacent to the formal dining room.  The room consist of five matching book shelves, one that is dedicated to a collection of Sherlock Holmes books and trinkets that was started when the client was a child . The room also held two chairs a love seat and tables and coffee tables. On the left wall there is a beautiful fireplace that adds to the visual warmth of the room. The walls were covered with beautiful artwork that was filled with sentimental value to the clients.

The challenge:

When the client contacted me to help with their home library makeover they told me that they were in the room every night practicing viola with their child and the room was just not inviting. They needed me to help them with the spacial arrangement and overall design theme of the room.

Before photo’s of the space:

Designwithyourdimeinmind.com- Home Library Makeover Before

Home Library Makeover Before photo

Designwithyourdimeinmind.com- Home Library Makeover Before

Before photo of our Home Library Makeover

Designwithyourdimeinmind.com-Home Library Makeover Before Photo

Home Library Makeover Before photo


DWYDiM Designer ideas:

When I received the photos of the room, I immediately started drawing up spatial arrangement options  as well as accessory placement options.  When looking at the photos I found that the bookshelves and furniture were more of a focal point then the beautiful fireplace.  I also wanted to incorporate her love of Sherlock Holmes, but instead of keeping it in one area of the room, I wanted to incorporate it throughout the room. To me this room needed to be inviting, functional and have the feeling of what Sherlock Holmes study may have looked like in real life 🙂

Home Library Makeover:

This room was completed in 5 hours using what the clients already owned.

Designwithyourdimeinmind.com- Home Library Makeover After Photo

Inviting after photo of our Home Library Makeover

DesignWithyourdimeinmind.com- Home Library Makeover After photo

We created this cozy reading area by the fireplace in this Home Library Makeover

Designer Notes:

In 5 hours we were able to go through the bookshelves by rearranging what books would be visible when entering the room.  We rearranged the furniture to make this room more inviting and to break up the overall weight of the bookcases.  We were also able to create a very functional area for the clients and their child to practice viola.  Lastly, by moving the furniture and the accessories  around in the room we made each piece stand out more to the homeowners and visitors that enter.

Your Opinions:

Do you find rooms that surround you by books comforting?  If so, what is your theory behind the comfort of book lined rooms? Thank you for stopping by our blog, we would love to hear any questions or comments that you may have.  As always your home is a reflection of you, have fun and style it to show the personality of you and your family!

Click here for more do-it-yourself ideas and as always thank you for reading and sharing my passion for interior design.

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