Review on Star Map

What a fun concept, knowing what the stars look like on a significant moment in your life!  Birth of a Child, Meeting your Soulmate, Your wedding day or any other day of your life you want to remember! I must admit, I played on this site for too long!  The site was easy to navigate and very user friendly. Here are some pictures of the options from the drop down menus during the … [Read more...]

Enchante Home Bath Towel Review

I am excited to write my first review on Enchante Home!  A sales Representative reached out to me to review a couple of weeks ago and I have been putting the towels to the test since I received them! The towels that I selected were the Vague Turkish Collection.  I selected this style to review due to their fluffy look, beautiful dark gray color (Anthracite) and unique ribbing.   Immediately, after photos, of course,  I threw them … [Read more...]

Meet our new team member!

At Design With Your Dime in Mind we are always looking to improve and expand our services. This is why our team is expanding! Meet our new Design Assistant and Social Media Manager, Lidia Ferrufino.   Lidia has a passion for interior design and fashion that tie effortlessly in her every day life. She has a background in real estate and customer service, and is currently a personal stylist and social media influencer at House of … [Read more...]

What decor should be in your Home?

Hello Everyone! I have been away from this Blog for so long I may need to re-introduce myself! I am Karen Nelson the owner and decorator for Design With Your Dime in Mind. I have been on a mission to make having a beautiful home affordable for EVERYONE for over 9 years. I absolutely love my job and hope to continue to meet and work with amazing clients for years to come. What inspired me to start writing again is the desire to touch more … [Read more...]

Staging by Madeline and Karen

Home Staging is one of the many aspects of my business that I love! Staging allows my clients to make a small upfront investment that  reeps huge rewards almost immediately!   With statistics as high as 80% of people looking online for homes prior to ever calling an agent to view a home, you need your home to look inviting in the MLS photos.  Let's face it, we are in the world of HGTV House Hunters and Model Homes decorated by professionals to … [Read more...]

Ask HoAR…

Welcome to our second installment of Ask HoAR...!!! We are very excited to continue to bring you help, advice, and just a fun dose of fashion through the site of our beautiful friend Karen.   DWYDiM asked: "How can I choose the perfect shade of red lips to look good with my complexion?"  HoAR answers: The perfect red lip is magical. Yes, intimidating at times but of so amazing of a beauty boost when it makes you feel sexy! Would you … [Read more...]

Free Ebook!

We are bringing in the New Year with a new and free Ebook, 4 Steps to Create the Perfect Entryway. It's available to you as a pdf! Inside you will find: ~Photos that will show you the do's and don'ts of designing your entryway ~Design Tips and Steps to make your entryway functional ~Design options and tips that will make your entryway magazine ready 4 Steps to the Perfect Entryway Free Ebook We are so excited to share this with … [Read more...]

DWYDiM 2013 recap

"There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs."- Zig Ziglar  In business I have never seen a quote that has rang so true to me.  As a matter of fact, sometimes I feel like I am running up the down escalator stopping for a breather and ending up where I started :)  When the year is up and you look back to what you have accomplished over the year, it is amazing to see how much you have surpassed and grown toward your … [Read more...]

Ask HoAR…

Welcome to the first installment of "Ask HoAR..." In this and future posts you will get a chance to ask any fashion questions or advice and the ladies of will gladly answer! Read on, we hope you enjoy. :)   DWYDIM asked: "Where can I find fashionable shoes in larger sizes?" HoAR answers: A shoe lover is born with the shoe gene. We think about shoes probably as much as we think about carbs; it's a pleasant addiction. … [Read more...]

Ask HoAR…

We believe a fashionista's home should always reflect her style and love for fashion. So when DWYDiM offered us the chance to work with them, we were ecstatic. We are House of Alice Rose, a fashion website that goes beyond the fashion trends. As women we have a lot to say and choose to touch a little on all the topics we see relevant. Along with fashion, we focus on women empowerment; finances, business, love and friendships. Besides a good … [Read more...]