Staging by Madeline and Karen

Home Staging is one of the many aspects of my business that I love! Staging allows my clients to make a small upfront investment that  reeps huge rewards almost immediately!   With statistics as high as 80% of people looking online for homes prior to ever calling an agent to view a home, you need your home to look inviting in the MLS photos.  Let’s face it, we are in the world of HGTV House Hunters and Model Homes decorated by professionals to make us fall in love with the new paint smell and shiny appliances.  Does that mean that our older home can’t sell or must sell for a lot less than asking price?  No, it means we need to show all of the charm your home has and “dress her up” for potential buyers.

Occupied Staging Before and Afters: Occupied Staging is when the seller is still living in the home and needs a Stager to come through and help with spatial arrangement, accessory placement and knowing what to pack or keep out to best show the home for potential buyers.  The Stager will also make recommendations on what to buy or offer rental accessories if needed.

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Occupied Home Staging-Before LR (1) A

Vacant Staging: This is where the property for sale has been vacated and is left completely empty.  The Home Stager will arrange for furniture and accessory rental and setup home to best complete the look for MLS photos, Open House and potential buyer walk-thrus. The major benefit of Vacant Staging is allowing potential buyers to see the purpose of every room.  It also shows them the scale of the rooms so they can imagine their own furnishings in the home.

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I am very excited that this year Design With Your Dime in Mind is able to offer occupied and vacant staging! We have joined up with another Certified Home Stager, Madeline Nugent from Stage the Way, and have combined inventory.  When staging together we use the name Staging by Madeline and Karen.  Our combined inventory offers amazing accessories to make your home”Market Current”. To view our portfolio’s go to or  Give us a call and enjoy 2 Certified Stagers creating the perfect look for your home on MLS.




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