Tree House Ideas inside and out

We all have memories of playing in a tree house outside or in forts we created inside with our friends and/or siblings.  Having and creating these places really sparked our creativity, imagination and also lead to hours and hours of fun! Here are a few tree house ideas to consider to help get your child’s ideas of their perfect tree House inside and out.


Design With Your dime in Mind - Indoor Tree House Ideas.

Who says you have to have a tree house outdoors?? Here is a picture of our daughter’s playroom.  We decided to build her an indoor tree house since our newly developed neighborhood has no established trees. Since our daughter’s bedroom has an underwater theme, we decided to make the adjacent playroom a beach theme. With the below themed wallpaper wall, we gave her a view of the ocean when she looks through this indoor beach hut! Design With Your Dime in Mind - Beach Wallpaper Mural

Here is a picture of my client’s outdoor tree house that her children and our company designed together. This tree house/fort is the perfect outdoor getaway for these three kids and their friends.

 Which do you prefer: Forts, Outdoor Tree Houses or Indoor playroom tree houses or tents?

Click here for more do-it-yourself ideas and as always thank you for reading and sharing my passion for interior design.

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