What Can Professional Home Staging Do For You?

One of the main reasons people hire a home staging professional is to give the outside perspective of what the potential buyer will see.  When a potential buyer views your home they are not able to see the house as you do.  They don’t see the amazing memories you have created around the kitchen table or the way the kids run down the stairs every year to gather around the tree on Christmas morning. These are the memories a future home buyer hopes to make in their new home. All they can see when touring a home is if it is well taken care of.  A professional home stager will walk through your home with you and “see” what the potential buyers will see.

Proper home staging is an incredible mix of beauty and psychology. As the seller you are trying to put your home’s best foot forward and show all of it’s positives. At the same time you are trying to create a feeling of warmth in the home to draw potential buyers in. What a lot of home owners do not know when they are listing their home is that only 10% of people who view your home (whether online or in person) can visualize the homes potential for their family.

If  your furniture is not positioned in the room correctly or you have too many pieces of furniture in the room, they will view the room as too small and move on to another home. A professional home stager can tell you what is out of place and how to fix it in order to speed up the selling process.  Did you know that home staging typically provides a 343% return on investment? Not too many things in life have that kind of return. 🙂

According to the National Association of Realtors profile on buyers, over 84% of potential buyers searched online before deciding to view a home.  This is why having your home staged before listing photos are taken can give the seller that extra edge for a quicker sell.

To show you the true benefit of what home staging can do, I am going to show you an example of how a master bedroom is prepared for photographs or home tours.

Before Home Staging - Master Bedroom

  Before, you have your average bedroom, the bed is made, pillows are in place but it is still missing that warmth that is needed to entice visitors.

What Can Professional Home Staging Do For You?

After the staging, this master bedroom is an inviting room you want to see for yourself.  A professional home stager understands the psychology of potential home buyers. Our home staging experience enables us to create an inviting oasis that will have potential buyers knocking down the door to view your home.  Which one of these rooms would cause you to drop what you were doing and call your Realtor to schedule a showing? Isn’t it amazing what an outside perspective can do? What I have always wondered is: why we don’t spoil ourselves and live in the 2nd photo all of the time? Click here for more do-it-yourself ideas and as always thank you for reading and sharing my passion for interior design.

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