What decor should be in your Home?

Hello Everyone! I have been away from this Blog for so long I may need to re-introduce myself! I am Karen Nelson the owner and decorator for Design With Your Dime in Mind. I have been on a mission to make having a beautiful home affordable for EVERYONE for over 9 years. I absolutely love my job and hope to continue to meet and work with amazing clients for years to come.

What inspired me to start writing again is the desire to touch more lives with my mission for not only affordable design, but comfort with Interior Designers and Decorators. I read an article just this morning that listed items that should not be in your home as a woman. I was honestly appalled by the list and when I read the comments I was not alone. Not only was the list so stereotypical, but the reasons they gave were ridiculous to back up their key points. As I read through the comments I could see why people have almost a fear of designers/decorators entering their homes and taking over. This is exactly what I am trying to avoid. So with that being stated here is my own list of what of what everyone should have in their homes.

#1. Whatever is near and dear to your heart:
As a decorator my goal is to make your personality shine through your home! Not my likes and dislikes, or the thoughts of the design world. If I am doing my job right, then when I leave your home you will have all of the items you love displayed in a way that attracts attention and discussion from your friends and family about your pieces and history, not tucked away in a drawer or corner to hide because it is not “in style”

So that is my list. Yes it is short, but packs an entire life worth of collections, heirlooms, travels, dreams and individual stories that fill your home with you!

This is a client's passed down bookcase . Decorated  with the client's personal items and some accessories to make this eye-catching dining room display.

This is a client’s passed down bookcase . Decorated with the client’s personal items and some accessories to make this eye-catching dining room display.

Thank you for taking the time to read our post and follow us on social media. I really hope this post has impacted you in a way to stand up and be you in your life and in your home. Make your home a reflection of you and let’s start adding beauty back into our daily lives.

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